HGI_Taxidermy_Finishing_5Your trophies are being finished using only the best materials and latest techniques. By using as much reference as we possibly can get from our clients and reference pictures we can get very close to almost an identical reflection of your prized trophy.

All documentation for exporting of your valuable trophies will be combined handled by our friendly staff and the helpful staff of the freight company to ensure that your cargo is transported trouble free to a destination of your choice, provided all documentation is in order.


The crating of your trophies are undertaken by only the most reputable freight agents, in-studio ensuring that we have full control over every aspect .

Once all your trophies are packed, it starts its journey from our studio, to it’s final destination.

Whether it be by Air or Sea Freight, great care is taken to ensure a safe arrival …

… in your trophy room, where you can unpack and enjoy the memoirs of your past African Safari.