Your hunt for the trophy of a lifetime only lasts a matter of days… but you will live with the mounts for decades to come, often passing it on to future generations.

The planning combined with the financial investment, requires nothing but the best!

It’s your trophy, and you have earned it… 
NOW is not the time to cut corners. 

Do it right the first time: Seek quality and good craftsmanship.

My personal commitment has always been to offer you, our valued client, our best service, expertise and craftsmanship, to ensure that you will receive trophies mounted to your specific instructions. Ensuring that you have a Lasting Memoir of your African Safari to be enjoyed for decades to come.

Being a hunter myself, I truly understand the magnitude of the value and appreciation one has for a trophy on your wall or as a full display. It reflects many hours of fine planning, dedication and long hours of walking and stalking, before the final shot.

But it doesn’t end there… The trophies that you admire in your trophy room took a dedicated group of people, from the Outfitter, PH’s, Trackers, Skinners, Taxidermists and Freight agents, to ensure that the trophies reached their final destination.

We are committed to our clientele all over the globe, and we take our business seriously, simply because you are the reason for us being so successful. You come as a client… and you leave as a friend.

We thank you for your business and entrusting us with your valuable trophies.

Hendrik Mörsner


We are a young dynamic company with innovative ideas and a forerunner in the taxidermy industry, with our attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship.

  • Being in the Taxidermy industry for the past 25 years, we know what it takes to create trophies that will be admired by all.
  • Our friendly admin staff are highly skilled in all aspects of International export and import regulations and trouble free exportation of your trophies to a destination of your choice.
  • Our belief is that good communication between us and the client promotes good relations, ensuring that each one of your trophies you receive are exactly what you ordered.
  • We provide our clients with superb works of art, unsurpassed service, very competitive prices and reasonable delivery times.
  • We also provide a superb dip, and ship services for our clients to a Taxidermist of their choice, globally. As well as the importation of raw trophies for mounting from other African countries, and all over the world.
  • We use the services of highly reputable freight agents who specialize in the movement of game trophies internationally, to ensure your consignment arrives at your destination of choice, safe and without any damages.
  • All of your trophies can be insured in transit from our facility to your final destination.

Our dedicated team of artists under my personal supervision, ensures that every trophy is handled with great care.

Our services are conducted in a clean safe environment and you are most welcome to visit our studio.

Hendrik Mörsner
Annemarie Herbst